About Us

Merlion Singapore

Singapore Trade Association Pte Ltd (STA) is a company incorporated in Singapore limited by shares and with its mission to promote local SMEs, Brands, Products and Services.

STA aims to inspire local SMEs to enhance and enliven their brands, products and services to create greater awareness to the public.

Through public nomination, STA offers various awards to SMEs as a recognition of their achievements in the respective business industry. These awards recognition will nourish your Brand in the market, broadens and extends the circle of community. These recognitions are proof of a Brand’s strength, quality and proficiency. In virtue of such achievements, consumers will be more inclined towards your Brand.


The various recognitions are awarded to the best players in different sectors and industries.  After years of establishment, companies and individuals will have their effort being recognized and to further excel in their accomplishment through the right channels. Singapore Trade Association continues to recognise and honour local SMEs, Brands, Products and Services. that have been developed and managed effectively through various proven branding methods.